DEFINING DAYS – AFM round 2, 2020

August 13, 2020

Today defined racing for me

Yesterday our exhaust system failed. With no tig welders in the area to fix it, I thought we were doomed. Again. But we patched it with sheet metal and hose clamps instead. Only problem is exhaust headers get red hot. We all feared the mild sheet metal that we used would fail today. Stainless steel would have been better against that heat but stainless steel sheet metal is not easy to find in a pinch. But it’s not impossible…

Remember It’s not the fall that defines us, it’s what we do next. Fuck 2020. I am NOT going home

We took a 5th in race #1, and a 1st in race #2. With a kitchen sink. One of the best racing days, ever.

Special thank yous to our special crew: Joe Hitner, Gavin Bothas, Kenny & Lisa Norman, Tracy Gulbransen, Oscar Fernandez

Kenny Norman, AFM